Tips: PC Maintenance

Like a car, if your computer is not regularly maintained it cannot run to its full potential. There are many things that can adversely impact system performance, from undetected malware, to dust build up, to hardware running over capacity.

Remove Malware:

Computers sometimes harbour malware (or malicious software) without you even knowing it! The first step is to ensure you have an anti-virus program installed, and that it is up-to-date. When an anti-virus program is running correctly, it can proactively prevent further infections. To remove any existing items it is best run a 'Full Scan'. It may take some time, in some cases as long as a couple of hours, but gives the program the best chance to remove anything that may have slipped through the net. While free anti-viruses are available, we recommend using Trend Micro Maximum Security, as it offers the most comprehensive protection available.

Reduce Dust:

Another thing to keep an eye on is the amount of dust that can easily build up in your system. When dust is allowed to build up in a system it can cause components inside to heat up. When components become hot, system performance is cut back to compensate, and when that occurs the system may appear sluggish. It is best practice to keep the system above floor level and in a place that is kept dust free. The fan intakes on the system should always be kept clear to allow the best possible level of airflow. It's recommended to have your machine professionally cleaned to avoid damaging components inside the machine.

Reduce Hardware Load:

Programs running in the background can have amongst the biggest impact on the hardware load. When a system becomes overloaded, it takes significantly longer to perform even the simplest tasks. It is generally best to uninstall any programs you no longer use and remove unnecessary files from the system onto external storage.

Backup, backup, backup!

The single most important part of computer maintenance is to run regular and comprehensive backups on your system. Backups are important because if anything goes wrong you still hold a copy of your documents, photos and other files. This can be completed using an external hard drive as storage, and software to complete the heavy lifting. We recommend using a program like Acronis TrueImage, as it allows a very simple method to complete a backup and restore files in the event something goes wrong.

Maintenance, when completed regularly, can make sure you get the best performance and life span out of your devices.

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